Configuration settings

After the installation you are required to set a few basic settings to ensure all operations will run as intended. All options are set with defaults in the ./app/config/main.php file which should never be changed. In the config folder you also have three subfolders called production, development and testing. You can place your own main.php in each of the directories which represents the running environment so you can use a different config for testing and production. The items you will not define in your custom config file will use the defaults from the ./app/config/main.php file


language = ‘XX’

Here you can define the default language to be used if there is no specific setting for a language. If a users logs in for the first time, this language will be selected. However when the user changes their language setting, the new setting will be persisted for that user. Unauthenticated pages (like ASH) will also use this as a default language.

Legacy option, will be removed soon.


fallback_mail = ‘admin@isp.local’

store_mail = true/false

store_evidence = true/false

remove_evidence = ‘xx yyyyyy’

notify_on_warnings = true/false


match_period = ‘xx yyyyyy’

close_after = ‘xx yyyyyy’

resolvable_only = true/false

resolvable_netblocks = Array(items)


enabled = true/false

deletable = true/false

show_abusedesk_names = true/false

Define whether or not the name (first/last) will be shown next the the AbuseDesk name. This would be handle so a contact would be able to refer to a specific case owner.


info_interval = ‘xx yyyyyy’

abuse_interval = ‘xx yyyyyy’

min_lastseen = ‘xx yyyyyy’

from_address = ‘abuse@isp.local’

from_name = ‘ISP Abusedesk’

bcc_enabled = true/false

bcc_address = ‘management@isp.local’


url = ‘https://abuseio.isp.local/ash/’


findcontact = Array(items)

notifications = Array(items)