GDPR documentation

AbuseIO can create a report for all data containing an emailaddress, this report will include contact- and ticketdata related to the specified email address. You can also use AbuseIO to anonymize this data, when a Ticket or Contact is anonymized, all personal data will be hashed. Both these functions are exported to the console and api and can be called using php artisan or a simple api call

Console commands

You can use php artisan to create a report and to anonymize all contacts / tickets for an email address

$ php artisan gdpr:report             # Create a report with all data related to the email
$ php artisan gdpr:anonymize --yes    # Anonymize all personal contact data

API calls

Only the anonymize methods are exported through the api, you can query tickets and contacts through the search api call. For specifics see the API Documentation

There is an anonymize API call for both Tickets and Contacts, however you can also call the gdpr/anonymize API call, which will anonymize both Tickets and Contacts in one call.


You may anonymize a customer’s personal information by going to a customer screen and press the “Anonymize” button. After confirming the action, the customer and all related tickets will be anonymized.